Julia Ann is the Fairy With the Best Sex Skills

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

When Keiran falls asleep at work, he is surprised to find himself dreaming about Julia Ann and her friends Jenna Presley, Jessica Jaymes and Kirsten Price. The big titty fairy foursome begin to give the lucky man the wet dream of his life but before they can finish, poor Keiran wakes up. Much to his surprise, the four tempting seductresses suddenly show up at his office to finish the job!

Check out Julia Ann as she gets down and dirty!

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Julia Ann is Getting Down and Dirty POV Style

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

When it comes to enjoying cock, no one enjoys it better than Julia Ann. This blonde hottie is ready for action and ready to go. She loves to wrap her lips around some giant cock and get it all hard and super large, ready to fill up her eager cunt.

Julia Ann is insatiable when she’s horny, and right now, she’s about as horny as she can get. She needs this hot stud to give her everything she needs, and what Julia Ann needs more than anything is lots of orgasmic action.

Fortunately, every moan and groan out of this gorgeous slutty blonde just turns her man on that much more, making everything so good that once she starts cumming, she doesn’t stop for a long time. When she’s finally satisfied, Julia Ann is ready for her stud to cover her in his hot cum.

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Julia Ann Gives the Best Christmas Gifts

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Julia Ann believes in treating her man super special at Christmas and this year, she knew that the best gift she could give him would be a smoking hot blowjob. She really enjoys licking and sucking long, hard things, and she has an extra special way to handle some nice, hot Christmas ornaments. When she slides his candy cane up between her breasts, it makes her man so hot, he could almost explode even without her lips on him.

Julia Ann is a sexy hot naked babe who can suck out all his creamy filling and then beg for even more. You know that this man is getting the very best Christmas gift of his life and with a blonde, beautiful, willing babe like this lovely lady, this fine blowjob is only the beginning of the festivities he’ll be enjoying.

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Julia Ann Gives Anal Advice

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

When Julia Ann comes home early from tennis and finds her stepdaughter fucking her boyfriend in the shower, Julia decides to teach Mandy a lesson. So she gets busy giving Mandy’s boyfriend an expert blowjob until he’s nice and hard again and then she makes him give her and Mandy some seriously deep ass pumping fun.

Check out Julia Ann as she gets down and dirty!

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Julia Ann Loves Cum on Her Face

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

When Julia Ann has the chance to suck cock, she is not one to turn it down. She loves to enjoy a hard piece of meat between her lips, licking it up and down and all around with her willing and eager tongue. Her mouth gets so hungry for the cum she knows is inside and she eagerly sucks that cock harder and deeper down her throat.

When her man gets closer to cumming, she plays with all that hard meat with her feet, teasing him to keep him nice and hard while building up his climax more slowly. The more she teases him, the hotter it makes her, until Julia’s cunt is dripping and hungry for some serious attention.

Before she can get that kind of attention, though, she returns to sucking cock until her man explodes all over her pretty face. That’s the right stuff!

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Julia Ann Wants to Skinnydip with You

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Julia Ann is looking smashing hot in a black bikini and she’s ready to have some fun in the water with you. She’s ripe and ready for you and all you have to do is look at her to tell how deep her desire goes. She wants to get naughty. Taking her suit top down and displaying her breasts proudly, she asks you if you like what you see.

You’re no fool. You know when a woman is fishing for compliments you give them to her. She must like what you say because she keeps lowering the suit until you can see her pretty little pussy. Then the suit is off Julia Ann She bends over and teases you with her ass and pussy and stretches her cunt lips out for you.

You know you want her. How could a real man refuse?

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Julia Ann is Rocking New Lingerie

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Julia Ann just went shopping and got a lot of nice new lingerie to wear. This is one of the new things she bought and she wanted to model it for you. She likes the way the bra clings to her full sexy breasts so nicely. It feels rather like a caress against her stiff nipples. She likes the way she looks when she looks in the mirror too.

And she likes the look on your face she sees when she turns back to face you. It lets her know you like the way her ass is looking right now. She likes it enough she’s now taken her bra off so you can get hold of her breasts and do anything you want to them. She also hopes you will feel free to do anything you want to her pussy too – your choice – just make it good!

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Julia Ann Gets Her Cock Rocker Rocking

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Julia Ann has been feeling very hungry for a nice fat cock, one that she could really sink her teeth in, in a manner of speaking. And when she saw the man with the giant dong walk by, she knew she had to have him. Now she’s got him back and her place and she just can’t get over the size of this dude, even while he’s still in his pants.

When she finally sets it free out of the jeans, she falls on her knees before it. She especially loves sucking on the very tip. After he’s as hard as a rock, he hammers it home to her a number of times while her cunt clenches around his manmeat, but then she’s back to sucking him until she gets him to erupt all over the place.

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Julia Ann Enjoys Her Bedroom

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Julia Ann is happy to invite you back to her bedroom. She believes in making a bedroom exotic and erotic and she likes wearing filmy clothes that make her feel sexy too. She’s very happy that you are here for her to strip for. She’s really in need of some good male enjoyment. She reveals one breast with a smile, hoping to see excitement on your face.

When she’s happy with the look you give her, she bares both breasts and her sweet pussy, spreading her legs for you. She’s telling you that you can have her anyway you want. You just need to let her know.

Do you want to start with tongue or finger or your nice fat cock? Do you want her to such you or fuck you? So many decisions to make, really, but they are very good decisions to have!

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Julia Ann is Out on the Town

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Julia Ann is out on the prowl, looking for some nice man she can spend the night corrupting. She’s wearing an outfit that manages to look both elegant and slutty at the same time. She uses it to gauge the looks she gets from men while deciding which man she might want to fuck. But now that she’s found you, she’s taken your sexy ass to a private alley.

Suddenly she’s undressing and you feel your cock stirring. You’re about to get very lucky, having hot alley sex with this horny blonde babe. She definitely has some fine titties you would love to play around with. Not to mention how good she looks with her panties down. Suddenly you both hear a noise and she quickly gets dressed saying, “maybe this will be safer back at my place.”

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Julia Ann is Horny in Black Lingerie

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Poor Julia Ann. She is feeling incredibly horny and not only is there no man around, but it seems like she’s forgotten her toys too. She’s dressed up and aching and no way to take care herself.

But there is nothing to stop her from stretching her legs wide apart and taking pure pleasure in her own fingers. After all, she knows how to please herself better than anyone else, and maybe it will be even better getting there the good old fashioned way, for once. Plus, she knows you’re watching, and that is always a turn on.

You can see how turned on her pussy is when she stretches it for you and shows you just how damp she’s getting, thinking about being watched while she plays. It brings out the naughty exhibitionist in her, which we all truly love.

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Julia Ann Enjoys Some Girl Time

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Julia Ann is feeling like she needs some girl time so she’s invited her friend Tyler Faith over for a slumber party. The two old friends start out at the pool and Tyler wastes no time taking off her bikini top and playing with Julia Ann’s chest.

Soon the two women are tongue deep in each other’s mouths while they caress nipples into taut little jewels. Julia Ann buries her face in Tyler’s muff, enjoying the taste and smell when Tyler cums. Then Tyler is after Julia Ann’s love hole, opening it wide before diving her tongue in.

Finally, the ladies go for a swim, but even in the water they can’t keep their hands and mouths off each other.

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Julia Ann Shares a Cock With Jessica Jaymes

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Julia Ann decided she was going to treat her boyfriend to a little something special. She knew he had been wanting a threesome for some time now but Julia could never do it. Finally, she’s ready to give him what he wants and who better to do it with than her best friend Jessica Jaymes. These two sluts can’t get enough cock in their holes and were more than excited to share.

The two babes presented themselves in their bra and panties, and they could clearly see that the greeting already had Julia’s man rock hard. Silently, the two reached into his pants and took out his dick. They two took turns wrapping their lips around it. They wanted to suck that spunk right from the source! These naughty bitches couldn’t just swallow what they were given, no, they continued to play with it, snowballing and showing off just what kind of messy whores they really are.

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Julia Ann Knows How to Work the Body

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Julia Ann is the Queen of happy endings with her massage business and that does not just mean the male clients. When her customer base includes hot bodies like those of Alektra Blue, Kaylani Lei, Nicole Aniston and Jennifer White you can see why she really loves her work. Of course anyone that gets gets her special services is going to cum away feeling pretty good as well.

Check out Julia Ann and her magic hands

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Julia Ann Gives Girls One Hot Massage

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

She is a masseuse that goes all out for her clients and Julia Ann is the best at what she does. Giving Alektra Blue, Kaylani Lei, Nicole Aniston and Jennifer White rub downs that they will not be forgetting for a very long time! When a luscious girl like Julia gets you off in a big way, it stays with you.

Check out Julia Ann as she rubs some hot bodies

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